Kryptonie News: Highlights of the last 24 hours

Bitcoin’s Halving sparks interest in cryptomontages in European countries
We start the quick news section with the highlighted cryptomonal news. Starting with the biggest event of the moment, the Bitcoin Halving. This is a topic that anyone can talk about this week, but according to Google, it is Europe that is most obsessed.

Google Trends data shows that when it comes to searching for „Bitcoin Halving,“ Western and Central Europe are at the forefront.

Search interest can often translate into adoption through channels such as major exchanges. Buying volumes have increased significantly since mid-March.

These five countries generated most of the requests Bitcoin Circuit, Crypto Cash, Bitcoin Loophole, Bitcoin System, Bitcoin Compass for the major cryptoscope.

Austria, despite being an EU member state, has shown a rare acceptance of Bitcoin that few have copied. Estonia, Slovenia, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

What day and time will be the next Bitcoin Halving?

Warren Buffett’s reluctance to spend his cash while crypto coins may have another correlation
Warren Buffett has no intention of spending Berkshire’s $137 billion cash pile, and if the stock plummets, Bitcoin can see another significant correlation.

Speaking at the Berkshire Hathaway annual stockholders‘ meeting, Buffett said that $137 billion is not a large amount of cash if bad things start to build up in the market.

Berkshire has significant interests in leading conglomerates such as Coca-Cola and Kraft Heinz. If the market begins to go in the opposite direction from what analysts anticipate, the cash pile can be used to help Berkshire’s portfolio companies.

Bitcoin is at a point where it faces strong resistance and the U.S. stock market is still shaken by the economic consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Given the cyclical nature of Bitcoin, technical analysts are weighing a correlation for Bitcoin after its long-awaited reward for the Bitcoin Halving on May 12.


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