Free crypto airdrops like those from Uniswap

Free crypto airdrops like those from Uniswap and 1Inch will be indicative of 2021, says influencer

Crypto trader Tyler Swope recently called for anyone interested in receiving free airdrops in 2021 to start preparing for them now. We now explain what exactly that means.

Influencer and trader Swope expressed his suspicions in a YouTube video that one of the likely airdrops this year could be from Ethereum scaling solutions Bitcoin Revolutoin firm Optimism PBC. In the event of an actual airdrop, interested parties should try the Optimism PBC testnet to qualify for one.

Play with their testnet. Find out how and if you haven’t played with Synthetix Mintr at level two, there’s still a chance. The demo is running out, no transfer from tier one to tier two, but the rest of the dApp still works. Mint, Burn and Withdraw. You just need some layer-two testnet SNX.

Other hot candidates for a potential airdrop

Another potential airdrop in 2021 could come from OpenSea, a peer-to-peer marketplace for rare digital collectibles (NFTs), according to Swope. The influencer believes that the best way to qualify for a potential airdrop is to interact with the marketplace itself.

And there are many ways to interact with this marketplace. Buying and selling NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is the most common, but you also have the option to create your own NFTs in the DApp.

Other hot candidates for a potential airdrop, according to Swope, are:

  • Radar Relay, a peer-to-peer decentralised trading platform for Ethereum-based tokens,
  • Opyn, a decentralised insurance platform; and
  • dYdX, a decentralised margin trading platform.

Uniswap and 1Inch have shown how it’s done

What Swope is talking about are retroactive airdrops. These have become popular especially through the exchanges Uniswap and 1Inch. Here, early adopters of the platforms are rewarded retrospectively with a free airdrop of mostly governance tokens. In the spirit of DeFi, decentralised governance is supposed to manage the respective platform.

Due to the immense success of projects such as Uniswap and 1Inch, it is therefore obvious to many that previously tokenless but successful projects could follow this example and in future distribute their own governance tokens to early users of their platforms via a retroactive airdrop.

However, it should also be clear that Swope’s assumptions above are pure speculation. As far as I know, there is no official confirmation for any of the projects mentioned that such an airdrop is planned soon or in the future.

Nevertheless, there are now many exciting applications in the DeFi field. An examination of such platforms can therefore certainly do no harm. In fact, it can be very exciting to see how far DeFi has already advanced in many respects. If, in case of doubt, a few free tokens come along as a reward, then that would be just the cherry on top.